Spider Lifts

Compact design increases ease of transport. Enhanced maneuverability and accessibility, Environmentally-friendly — electric and combustion combination power for efficient energy usage

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Machine Width: 1.48 m / 5 ft, Platform Capacity: 120 kg / 265 lb, Platform Height: 21.10 m / 69 ft.


What is Spider Lift?

A spider Boom lift is a mobile elevating platform with 4 stabilizer legs to achieve with minimum weight and maximum height.

How Much can a Spider Lift?

The price of the spider lift starts from 2.5L / piece. It may vary with the working and platform height, and industry used.

How Much stronger can the spider lift be?

The maximum working weight of the spider lift is 52m and platform capacity is 200kg. Platform capacity can extend on both sides upon requirement..


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