Light Towers

We are among the prestigious producers and suppliers of Light Tower . The offered towers empower satisfactory lighting making it simple for plants to capacity without any bothers. These FIXED mounted beacons contain head lights, backdrop illuminations, a crisis light and an overwhelming obligation control board. Clients can benefit these beacons in a few models.

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Lighting Color Cool White
Lighting Type - Portable
Wheel Base - 4
Rugged construction
Easy to use
Less maintenance
Product Details:IP Rating - IP33, IP44, IP54
Lighting Color - Cool White
Lighting Type - LED, Fluorescent, Incandascent
Product type - Towers
Colour - Yellow
Our current product called DAZZLER is a highly efficient portable lighting tower that outputs 3,20,000 lumens of white light from four 1000W metal halide lamps. This light can cover an area extending to almost 10 acres.Our improved technology allows for additional power (upto 2kw) to be drawn with the lights on which can be used for activities like welding, pavement breaking, de-watering pumps, concrete setting etc. All these occur at a low fuel consumption of 2 liters/hr.
Features :
Finally to cap the aesthetically pleasing design, low noise and low cost of ownership is the all-electric mast controls that allows for very quick (3 mins) deployment and increased worker safety.


What is a light tower?

Light tower is a mobile equipment which has high intensity electric lamps and a mast. It is an essential material used in construction, industries, mines, and many more to carry a portable light tower for the workers to perform tasks.

Does a Mobile lighting tower needed at Jobsite?

Yes. Mobile lighting tower is important at the job site. Because it increases the work efficiency and improves the safety of workers on working at sites. It is durable, reliable and is best fit for rough environments.

What is the price of Light tower?

The price starts from 30K/piece in INDIA. The cost differs with the use of lights illumination, mode of operation.


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