LiteTrack is a low cost, reusable alternative to plywood for temporary floor protection and access.
Tired of plywood boards that bend, break and blister? GroundGuards LiteTrack is the cost-effective solution for lighter duty applications.


Length 2400 mm
Width 1200 mm
Core Thickness 11 mm
Weight 32 kg


Material Zetralene (HDPE family) recycled plastic, fully recyclable
Overall size: 1900 x 1000 x 32mm
Nominal size 1800 x 900 x 23mm
Surface Area 1.62m²
Weight 40 KG
Packed in Stillage of 25 mats
Stillage Pack Weight: 1130kg
Dimensions: 2110 x 1030 x 1090mm
Connectors 6 self-aligning shoulder bolts
Fire rating UL94 HB
Slip testing B57976 part 2
Deflection Tested on varying CBR ground conditions using a 300mm diameter steel platen with 6 tonnes load to simulate the pressure of an HGV wheel.
Ground CBR 11.35%: Deflection 7.71mm
Ground CBR 8.58%: Deflection 8.66mm
Ground CBR 4%: Deflection 9.46mm
Installation rate Install approximately 60 mats per hour with a team of 4 plus a forklift driver


MaxiTrack provides a heavy-duty yet man-handleable solution for temporary trackway applications. Manufactured in Europe from high-tech Zetralene plastic, the 40kg mats are incredibly strong with overlapping lipped connectors that provide maximum support and stability. Though heavy-duty, the lightweight design makes the mats easy for two workers to handle without specialist equipment.


XtremeMats provide an advanced solution for creating temporary access roads in harsh environments where conventional methods would fail. Their extreme durability and versatility far surpasses timber bogmats, making XtremeMats a sound long-term investment for any industry requiring reliable access over soft ground, swamps or water. The large 4x2m mats can withstand heavy vehicle use, while the hard foam inner core provides crucial floatation abilities to build roadways over challenging terrain.


Material HDPE plastic, fully recyclable
Overall size: 4340 x 2290 x 100 mm
Surface size 4110 x 92060 mm
Surface Area 8.46m²
Weight 385 KG
Packed in 40 mats per 40' ISO container'
Connectors 6 self-aligning bolts
Temperature rating -34°C to +49°C
Compressional Strength 40kg/cm² (600 psi)
Sytatic Dissipative Protection yes
UV Protection yes


Length 1400 mm
Width 800 mm
Core Thickness 50 mm
Weight 18 kg


TrenchGuard trench covers provide a safe and secure solution for protecting worksites and the public during excavation works. Their innovative design sets a new standard for trench cover safety.

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